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Successful email marketing starts with the list

If you're still maintaining your lead lists and customer lists the way you did several years ago, it’s time to change your practices.


We'll help you develop a single Master Database of your key targets that is rich in details and segmentation, allowing you to stay in front of your audiences with more frequency and relevancy.


We'll help you take a holistic approach to growing your list, looking at all OFFLINE marketing efforts to acquire data for your online marketing program. We'll identify the tactics necessary to reach your target audiences, to encourage them to opt in and help ensure your compliance with CAN-SPAM guidelines.

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We do not provide nor recommend list rental services. Our services are designed to help you grow a quality opt-in list that YOU own, one that is highly-detailed, current and segmented — and can be easily leveraged to help move your audience through the funnel to a sale.


What are the benefits of a well-planned and managed Database Marketing effort?


  • Reduce spending on advertising, event marketing, and other costly lead generation activities.
  • Reduce the workload on your sales team in managing suspects and cold/warm prospects.
  • Increase the frequency of communications with "drip marketing".
    Improve the relevancy of communications with a highly-segmented, updated and appended database.
  • Sharpen the focus of your sales team on the best-qualified prospects and opportunities.
  • Accurately measure your marketing investment, and alter future actions based on analysis.


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